Holiday Closures

The holidays are almost here so we wanted you to know that our office will be closed for the following days in the next few months so that we can enjoy these holidays with our family and friends:

  • Thanksgiving:   November 23rd & 24th
  • Christmas:  December 25th & 26th
  • New Year’s:  January 1st
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day:  January 15th
  • Presidents Day: February 19th

We hope that the Holiday Season is filled with happiness, love, friendship and peace!

September Question of the Month

We have a special Financial Assistance Policy for Couples/Partners – do you know about the policy? If so, do you have any suggestions on what we might change? If you don’t know about the policy please let us know and we will be happy to call and talk to you about it.

Call the Foundation Focus Connect-Line at (971) 233-8957 or send an email to to leave your response.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Willamette View Foundation Awards $1 Million

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PORTLAND, OR -- The Willamette View Foundation board of directors has voted to give a $1 million grant to support the Riverview Project. It is the largest grant the Foundation has ever awarded. The Foundation is generally focused on helping individual residents with their finances. However, there is an unrestricted reserve fund that allows the Foundation to make these grants on special occasions.

The Riverview Project includes an expanded kitchen, an auditorium with more seating capacity and a veranda with a river view. “We are excited to be able to participate in helping residents with this project,” said Foundation President Christie Geiger. We think this project will benefit all residents and enhance the core social venue of the community.

Executive Director Diane Wernli said, “We are all interwoven in the Willamette View community and it’s important for us to support the residents and this project.”

Since its inception in 1967, the Foundation’s mission has been to help residents maintain their financial security and has done so by managing their bills and by helping them directly with financial assistance if they exhaust their funds. Along the way, unrestricted funds have also provided grants for projects on the Willamette View retirement community’s campus.

The Foundation is funded entirely through the generosity of donors – most of whom are past or present residents or the families of residents.

questions about the foundation or this grant you are encouraged to call

June Question of the Month:

You’ve recently received our latest newsletter. What types of articles would you like us to put in the upcoming newsletters? It can be about WVF or about another topic all together. Let us know!

Call the Foundation Focus Connect-Line at (971) 233-8957 or send an email to to leave your response.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Spring is here!  It’s when you feel like cleaning out your closet and reorganizing your room every year, but so often people neglect the type of spring cleaning that they should focus on most; their finances!  Cleaning up and organizing your finances and all the paperwork is a good way to stay on top of your financial progress.

Know Where You Stand

From rate changes to market fluctuations, there are many different factors that can affect your money.  Don’t be caught off guard, explore and evaluate your resources and options.  Knowing where you stand financially is the key to keeping your finances in good order.

Set Realistic Goals

Attempt to set realistic goals to achieve your financial success.  Stretch your dollars and use money wisely.  Know where your money is going and attempt to make goals oriented around things that you really want to do now.

Build an Emergency Reserve

Are you prepared for an unexpected expense?

There are numerous ways to boost your emergency fund.  Some are as simple as being aware of your future care needs and trying to curb unnecessary spending.  Another idea is to do away with those memberships and subscriptions that are no longer important to you.

Get Rid of Clutter

Spring is a good time to do some financial cleaning and purging—out with the old and in with the new!  Keep in mind, for most people, you don’t need to keep old tax returns any more than 7 years.  Shredding old documents is the best way to  purge old paperwork with personal information on it.

Monitor Your Spending

Make sure your dollars are going toward things that bring you the most satisfaction and benefit.  Set your priorities and focus your spending on things that matter to you most, that way you will have resources available to do the things that add value to your days and fulfillment to your life.

Holiday Closures!

This is the time of year to remind ourselves to get out there and enjoy the long sunny days and pleasant evenings.  We are lucky to live here in Portland where there are so many options available for anyone’s interest.  So, get out there and enjoy our summer.  Take advantage of each day, explore and enjoy!

The Willamette View Foundation office will be closed on the following holidays:

Monday, May 29                     Memorial Day

Tuesday, July 4                        Independence Day

Monday, September 4            Labor Day

As always, we can be reached at or 971-233-8956 should you have any questions or concerns.

Happy Summer!


April Question of the Month:

Our Eligibility Standards are there to educate you about the assistance program and what we look at when reviewing an application for assistance.   We want this to be available to all residents and their families always.  How can we make this more accessible to you?

Call the Foundation Focus Connect-Line at (971) 233-8957 or send an email to to leave your response.

Tax Scams Can Take Different Forms

Always be aware of scammers but be especially aware during tax season.   The most common scams come in the form of emails and phone calls, they will often use the IRS name, logo and fake websites to obtain information and sometimes money from unsuspecting citizens.  The IRS will never demand payment over the phone, threaten legal action, or threaten to contact the police.

If you receive an email that you believe is a scam – forward it to: and then delete it.  Don’t reply to the email or open any of the attachments.

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